Market Stats

Using Stats to understand visitor activity on your listing or profile

We are implementing Stats in beta on United Baristas Market so you can make better informed decisions.


  • A visitor is a unique person who views your listing
  • A view is each visit to your listing
  • for example when 50 people each visit your listing twice, that’s 100 views

Using Stats

There are a number of ways you can use stats to support your sales and promotional activity on United Baristas Market.

Selling Items on Marketplace

  • Items typically sell between 50 and 200 visitors. If your listing has had lots of visitors and is yet to sell it’s a signal that your listing lacks key information or the price is too high.

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  • Repeat viewing is good. If your view number is not much greater than your visitor number, it shows that people are looking, and then not coming back. What information is the listing lacking? Are the photos and videos good?

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Company Profiles

Knowing the number of visitors and views allows you to work out a lead ratio. If the ratio is low, it's a sign that visitors are looking for either more or more relevant information on your Company Profile. 

  • Phone and general enquiries: if you have a method for recording lead sources you can work out the ratio 
  • Online: if you can view the total number of visitors to your site referred from United Baristas Market in your website analytics, you can work out the click through rate. 

Notes on online measurement 

Compare like with like. Some website analytics platforms may define visitor or visit differently. However you do it, do it consistently so you can see the trend over time.

To make online measurement easier, you can add UTM parameters to your Company Profile website link.

For example, will show in most online measurement platforms as:

  • campaign from united_baristas
  • with a source of united_baristas_market
  • and a medium of company_profile.

You can change the values to reflect your house style or something that makes sense to you.

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