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How to access or set up a United Baristas Market account

United Baristas Market uses UB-iD

You can securely log into United Baristas Market, and all United Baristas services, using your UB-iD.

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A step-by-step guide to getting started on United Baristas Market

You don't need to log in to browse, search or view listings on United Baristas Market. Plus you can also contact sellers or businesses and buy items using PayPal or Trustshare without logging in. 

A United Baristas Market account is necessary to do things such as:

  • list an item
  • set up a search alert
  • create a profile
  • view some listing information 

Creating a Market account

You can create an account by logging in or signing up.

On mobile, tap to open the 'Menu', click 'Account', and then opt for Sign Up on UB-iD 


Or Oo desktop, click 'Account', and then opt for Sign Up on UB-iD



When signing up with UB-iD for the first time you'll need to verify your email address. For help with using UB-iD, see Signing up and logging in to United Baristas.

Creating a Market profile

Your account is private. Regular United Baristas Market users should create a Market Profile.

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