Current Status: Identifying any issues, bugs or outages

We're continually working to improve United Baristas services. If something doesn't work as your expected, use this article to identify whether its:

  • a change to how that service functions
  • if we are currently doing work on that function, or
  • something has broken  


Is something not as you expected?

There are regular and ongoing updates across United Baristas:

Issues and outages

If you have experienced an issue that you think might be caused by a bug 🐛 you can visit United Baristas status to check if we are suffering an issue or outage. This page provides the current status and logs issues with essential United Baristas functions, including:

  • United Baristas 
  • United Baristas Jobs
  • United Baristas Market
  • Coffee Events Calendar
  • UB-iD
  • Payment services, including payments to United Baristas as well as cryto and Trustshare transaction payments on United Baristas Market

These issues are dealt with ASAP. 

You can also subscribe to status updates and see the latest status on our Twitter

Work in progress and non-essential bugs

Issues with non-essential functions are logged on our Roadmap on United Baristas Updates. These types of issues are typically created when we update something on United Baristas and it doesn't play nicely with another part. Examples might be a wonky but readable template or temporary constraints to a feature while we make upgrades. United Baristas Updates has up-to-date information and please contact support if you have any further questions.

Reporting a bug 🐛 or issue

  • Please report bugs directly to Support
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