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We've created United Baristas Help Centre to help you get the most out of United Baristas

Articles are grouped by United Baristas service and then by task. For example, you can view a selection of articles about Adding a Job on United Baristas Jobs.

You can find information by: 

  • Drilling down to the appropriate section
  • Searching
  • Clicking the 'Help' button wherever you see it when using United Baristas services

We have started writing help centre articles based on the most common support queries to the United Baristas team. If an answer to your question is not yet published, please contact Support.

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If you encounter a bug when using United Baristas, please check our current status.

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Feature Requests

If you have an idea to improve United Baristas, you can suggest it on United Baristas Updates.

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Community Consultations

We value your insights and experience. Share your thoughts so we can better develop ideas and proposals for United Baristas services. View current consultations under the Thinking About This section of our Roadmap.

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