Accurately communicating prices

Best practice for communicating Value Added Tax on listings

United Baristas has both trade and retail businesses as well as individuals as users. This article communicates best practice when communicating the listing price to avoid potential confusion.

Entering asking prices

You can communicate asking prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT or other sales taxes. However, it is best to list the item’s price inclusive of VAT or sales taxes, if any, because:

  • buyers and sellers are often in the same tax jurisdiction
  • individuals often buy items on United Baristas Market and they are not able to reclaim VAT
  • the selling price value is automatically used to populate various buying options, including Trustshare

VAT transactions 

We are now providing more specific advice to avoid confusion where one or both of the parties are VAT registered. It is important to note that a significant proportion of United Baristas members are unlikely to be VAT registered.

When selling

If you are VAT registered, we recommend that you communicate this in the listing’s description as it is relevant for prospective VAT registered buyers.

When buying

If you are purchasing an item and are VAT registered do not assume that the seller is also VAT registered. If you are uncertain, contact the seller for clarification.

When importing or exporting

There are various VAT reporting requirements on imports and exports between the UK and EU member countries.

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