United Baristas Market seller fees

Summary of fees when selling an item on United Baristas Market


There are various listing options on United Baristas Market. This article provides an overview of fees for sellers.

Listing Fees

There is typically a fee to list an item for sale on United Baristas Market. The fee depends on the category and the listing plan. Some categories have free listing options. View View current Market listing fees.  

There are final value or commission fees when you sell an item on United Baristas Market.  

Buyer Fees

There are no purchasing fees on United Baristas Market. 

Payment Fees

Payment services may charge fees for the use of their services. The most common payment services on United Baristas Market are PayPal and Trustshare.


PayPal is ideal for lower-value, peer-to-peer sales

PayPal charges a fee to receive funds which are taken from the proceeds from a sale. The fees are determined by your account type and transaction volume. You can find out about PayPal fees on their website. There is no additional United Baristas fee for either buyers or sellers to use PayPal on United Baristas Market.


Trustshare is ideal for higher-value sales, especially when the buyer and seller can't meet in person to exchange

There is a buyer and seller fee to use the Trustshare escrow service. To buy an item, the buyer pays into Trustshare’s independent trust account using bank transfer. The seller is notified that the funds are received and can ship the goods. When the buyer marks the goods as received, the funds are released into the sellers account. Trustshare escrow costs are shown before purchase and vary between 0.625% and 0.975% of the transaction’s value for each party (with a minimum fee of £/€/$4.25). View Trustshare fees. The buyer’s fee is paid in addition to the price of the item at the time of payment. The seller’s fee is deducted from the price of the item at the time of payment release.

For most users, Trustshare transaction fees start to be significantly cheaper than PayPal for items over ~£/€/$ 250.

Sell Safely

United Baristas Market incorporates safeguards to help buyers and sellers transact safely and securely.  


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