Listing an item for sale on Marketplace

Accurately list and describe your item to ensure that it sells quickly and without complication

We have developed the following listing guidance to help you. 


List each item with an individual listing. Groups of items within a single listing are less likely to sell.

You can provide links to other items your are selling within your listing and prospective buyers can see all your current listings on your profile.


Each item can be placed in one category. Each category has category-specific listing features, choose the most appropriate category to list your item.
Category Sub-categories
Sub-sub-category Guidance
Businesses & Premises
Businesses for sale 
for sites or businesses being sold as an ongoing concern
Coffee Equipment Accessories, Parts & Mods for add-on and replacement parts
Coffee Making Equipment Bulk Brew & Brewing Machines for electric coffee brewers
Coffee Makers & Barista Tools for manual brewing equipment and tools
Espresso Machines for espresso machines
Grinders for electric grinders
Roasting Roasters
Everything Else
Coffee Drinking & Tasting
Crockery & Glassware
anything else
You can view the entire Market Directory and make suggestions for improving the category structure.

Select a Listing Plan

Some features and functions are exclusive to select plans – view United Baristas Market listing options.

Listing Title 

List your item in the format: <Brand> <Model> <Variation> <Item> <year, if known>. For example, La Marzocco Linea PB AV 3-group espresso machine 2015.
The condition is listed separately. The year of manufacture is commonly shown on the chassis of many espresso machines. 
Choose the best listing status from:
  • Available
  • On the Market
  • Offers Now Invited
  • Under Offer
  • Sold

You can update your listing's status at any time. Sold hides payment and contact options on your listing.


List your item’s asking price by selecting the currency, value and taxes and offer.
Supported currencies:
  • Euro
  • British Pounds
  • United States Dollars

Supported tax options:

  • ex VAT 
  • incl VAT
  • no VAT
  • ex Sales Tax
  • including Sales Tax
  • no Tax

If receiving funds through PayPal or Trustshare is it better to list inclusive of VAT/taxes so that the payment fields are automatically and correctly populated. Is it important that you meet the tax requirements of your tax jurisdiction.

Offer options:
  • no negotiable 
  • offers in excess of
  • offers invited 
  • ono (or nearest offer) 

Asking prices are displayed across United Baristas Market. The above options allow you to create specific price information, such as: 

  • £5000 including VAT ono
  • €100 euro no VAT no negotiable 
  • $2300 USD excluding sales taxes offers invited
The price a buyer needs to pay will depend on a combination of your and their tax situations. You can read more about this in  Information on accurately communicating prices.
Item information 

Add information about the item using the best possible information. 

Each category has listing specific features, which allows search to search and filter, so take care to ensure that the information entered is accurate.  

Use existing options whenever possible. If you create a new input you are creating a new category, which means your item will be in a category by itself. If you have a common item, this is probably incorrect and will reduce your listings visibility on United Baristas Market. Create with caution.


Accurately list the item’s condition using the following options:
Brand New 
Unused, in original unopened packaging 
Shop Spoiled 
Unused, with opened, missing or damagaed packaging
As New: Restored or Repaired Used, but repaired and/or restored to a new standard
Ex-demo or Display 
Used, but for selling or demonstration purposes
Good Working Condition 
Used items that have benefitted from regular maintenance, are free of damage, and only have wear typical of age 
Requires Servicing 
Used and working, but requires upkeep that’s part of a normal maintenance regime to return the item to good working condition
Damaged / Unknown Used, damaged or not working, or the current condition is unknown
Please be as specific as possible about what, if any, servicing or repair an item requires or damage an item has suffered. If the item’s condition crosses categories, list for the lesser condition.


  • A grinder that’s been used at home and requires new burrs but is otherwise in good working order should be listed in ‘Used: Required Servicing’
  • An ex-demonstration espresso machine with a damaged panel, but in otherwise good condition, should be listed as ‘Used: Requires Repair’ 
  • A brand new, but dusty item, that’s been used for display should be listed as ‘New: Shop Spoiled’
  • A item that has been used at home, has some signs of wear, but is not damaged, should be listed as ‘Used’
  • An item that hasn’t been used or tested recently should be listed as ‘Unknown’. 


Enter the item's location. This information is publicly displayed so remember to add information mindful of privacy considerations.

Click the 'Map It' button to confirm the address has been correctly coordinated. This position is used for location-based searches (you want to check that your item has, for example, coordinates for London, UK; not. 

Shipping & Collection 

Select and communicate shipping and/or collection options and associated costs.  
Payment options  
Select all relevant payment options. Items listing using a basic listing plan automatically benefit from the Trustshare escrow service for community safety.
 Contact options   
Add relevant contact options .

Feature Text and Listing Information 

  • The Feature Text is displayed on the listing page in bold and is the excerpt wherever your listing is display across United Baristas Market. The text is trimmed where space is limited, so the best summary bios are about 140 characters – about the length of a Twitter or Instagram bio.
  • The Listing Information is displayed on the listing page and is useful for communicating item-specific information 

Submit listing 

Submit the listing and then:

  • add media, such as images and videos 
  • opt to promote your listing
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