How do I pay for an item on Marketplace?

Buying safely on United Baristas Marketplace

Payment methods

We make a variety of payment options possible to cover the breadth of buyer and seller requirements. For example, sometimes the buyer and seller can meet to exchange; other times, items are shipped. Make sure you always buy and sell securely on United Baristas Market:

  • Don’t pay strangers insecurely
  • Use Trustshare or benefit from PayPal’s buyer protections
  • Rate members of the community to establish their trust
  • Report suspicious listings or users

Information on buying & selling safely ➜

Payment options

The payment options on the listing are selected by the seller. You can always propose alternate exchange and payment options.

  • When buyer and seller are meeting face-to-face to exchange and check the item, it may make sense for the buyer and seller to agree to payment on collection or payment on delivery
  • PayPal is ideal for low-value, peer-to-peer sales where payment protections apply
  • Trustshare is ideal for most transactions, especially when the buyer and seller can meet and the transaction value is greater than £/€/$ 250.
Good buyers and seller should be happy to use payment services that offer buyer and seller protections.

Buyer protections

The Trustshare escrow service offers the greatest buyer and seller protections and is ideal for higher value items where the buyer and seller are unable to meet to exchange. 
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