Paying for items on Marketplace with PayPal

Buying and selling on United Baristas Market using PayPal

Buyers have the option to pay for an item using PayPal, if the seller has added their PayPal account. Buyers can also request a PayPal link from the buyer.

PayPal Buyer and Seller Protections 

PayPal payments do not benefit from the escrow service. Buyer and seller protections and obligations remain in place as part of their respective PayPal user agreements.

PayPal Buyer and Seller protections

PayPal supports many common currencies, including the currencies supported by United Baristas Market. PayPal's full list of supported countries is here.

Multiple payment options

If a seller has multiple payment options, such as Trustshare and PayPal, the buyer has an option of payment method. We provide some general recommendations for various payment options, and always recommend that you buy and sell securely. The Trustshare escrow service is strongly recommended for higher value transactions. 

Summary of fees for using PayPal on United Baristas Market

Seller's Fees 

PayPal charges a fee to receive proceeds from a sale. The fees are determined by your account type and transaction volume. You can find out about PayPal fees on their website.

Checking today, for most transactions on United Baristas Market, the total Trustshare escrow transaction fee is less than PayPal's fees on transaction with a value over ~£/€/$ 250. 

Buyer's Fees

There are no charges to pay for an item using PayPal.

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