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A overview of options for shipping items

Most shipping services calculate cost on the basis of the greater of:

  • weight
  • volumetic weight (the bulk of the package)

Companies may calculate the volumetric weight differently, or have have different thresholds.

Many individuals and companies will already have preferred shipping options, but here's the options we currently use:

Under 2Kg, Small Parcel, UK Domestic - Royal Mail Signed and Tracked

Royal Mail offers a service with proof-of-delivery for small parcels that weigh under 2Kg. For individuals and companies that do no have courier contracts in place, this is usually a good, cost-effective option for UK domestic shipments. 

Royal Mail

2 to circa 30Kg UK Domestic - Courier

There is a wide variety of two day and next day couriers operating in the UK, and everyone has their preference. We typically opt for DPD or UPS, but Parcelforce, FedEx and many others are all options.

Over 30Kg UK Domestic - Haulage

Heavy and bulky items are typically best sent with a haulage company.

There are many companies offering services, and your preferred hauler will in part depend on where you are in the UK. An internet search can help you identify a short list for quotations. Shipments on haulage companies are palletised.

Google search 'haulage companies'

Under ~20Kg Europe - Courier

While Royal Mail offers an under 2Kg service to Europe, it can be slower delivery and many companies offer reasonable prices on parcels shipped, especially using the road service which typically takes three - five working days. Air shipments are faster, but more expensive.

Over ~20Kg Europe - Haulage

Heavy and bulk items are typically best sent by road with a haulage company, and will need to be palletised. Again, there are many companies offering Europe haulage services.

Google search 'haulage companies'

Under 2Kg International - Royal Mail

For individuals and companies that do not have courier contracts in place, small parcels under 2Kg are probably most cost-effectively sent with Royal Mail's international service. These services typically take 5 - 15 working days. Many courier companies can offer faster services at greater cost.

Over 2Kg International - DHL

There are many courier companies offering international services but we have had a largely good experience with DHL over many years.

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