Consumer Rights Act

Summary or legal rights and responsibilities when buying and selling


All transactions take place under the Consumer Rights Act.

The Consumer Rights Act states that goods must be as described, fit for purpose and of a satisfactory quality.

The rights and responsibilities vary whether the seller is a private seller or a company.


When buying from a private seller, the Consumer Rights Act says that the goods you receive must be as they were described to you.

The seller is obligated to own the goods that they are selling.

The seller can not misrepresent the goods, but they do not have to disclose faults.

For example, it contravenes the act to state that goods are in 'good working condition', if they are not; but if an item is sold 'in need of repair' there is no obligation to specify all the item's faults. 


In addition to the item being as described, fit for purpose and of a satisfactory quality, when buying from a company, the seller is required to inform the buyer of any faults or problems that are beyond standard wear and tear.

The seller is also responsible for the item(s) until it is in your physical possession, or in the possession of someone designated by you.

Buyers are also covered by the Consumer Contracts Regulations, which provides opportunity for buyers to cancel the sale after they receive the item.

Consumer Contracts Regulations

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