Marketplace listing feeds

Flexible options for timely United Baristas Marketplace listing updates 


United Baristas Marketplace automatically produces a real-time feed of new listings. You can use the United Baristas Marketplace feed to:

  • See new listings in a reader
  • Build your own notifications 

What does the feed contain?

The United Baristas Marketplace feed is available at

Each entry lists:

  • listing title.
  • listing publication date and time
  • listing description text
  • listing first picture
  • author name
  • listing type
  • listing number of comments.
  • listing URL

The feeds are provided free of charge and are subject to our terms of service which prohibit publishing and re-syndication without prior agreement.

Reading the feed

You can follow the feed in your preferred RSS/Atom reader (like Feedly or this review of 12 readers).

Building notifications

You can also use it as a source for automation tasks with third-party services like IFTTT or Zapier.

These services allow users to easily build advanced automated tasks, such as:

  • push notifications on most platforms, including email, social channels or messaging apps
  • filtering (Zapier only)
  • plus an array of other options

See all United Baristas feeds 

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