Issues logging in with UB-iD?

UB-iD allows you to log into United Baristas services easily and securely

UB-iD is the secure passport, which allows you to sign up and log in to:

  • United Baristas
  • United Baristas Jobs
  • United Baristas Market
  • United Baristas Store

Until consolidating signing up and logging in across United Baristas into UB-iD in 2021, there were two identity providers and two proceeding versions of UB-iD.

If you use United Baristas infrequently, your old log in details may need to be updated to be more secure. For most users this is as simple as resetting your password


Troubleshooting UB-iD log in issues

If you are having issues logging in using UB-iD, the issue is likely to be caused by old cookies. Either:

  • Clear your browser's cookies for, or 
  • Open a Private (Safari and Firefix), or Incognito (Chrome) window

and attempt log in again.


UB-iD outage?

UB-iD is built on Auth0's secure protocols and servers. If they are having issues, it's possible you might experience issues logging in. You can see the current status of UB-iD on United Baristas Status.


Other potential problems and their solutions 

  • If you have attempted to log in too many times you'll get shut out of your account – you need to contact Support so we can reset your Account and password.
  • You must start your journey from a United Baristas service, you will then be forwarded to the secure UB-iD domain If you attempt to start on the time-sensitive security functions will not be enabled and you won't be able to log in.
  • If you have forgotten your UB-iD email, you can create another UB-iD – if you want to re-claim an older email please read the Forgot your username and Changing your UB-iD email sections

Contact Support

If you have tried these solutions or are encountering another issue, please contact Support. We may need to upgrade, reset, unlock or delete your UB-iD for you to be able to use United Baristas again. 

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