Sign up to United Baristas with UB-iD

UB-iD allows you to log into United Baristas services easily and securely

UB-iD is the secure log in, which allows you to sign up and log in to:

  • United Baristas (including the Coffee Events Calendar)
  • United Baristas Jobs
  • United Baristas Market
  • United Baristas Store

The new UB-iD experience 

We have introduce an updated version of UB-iD, which is easier to use and even more secure. New UB-iD is currently implemented for United Baristas services:

When signing up or logging in to these United Baristas services, you will be taken to the new UB-iD on 


You can log in or sign up using a valid email, or your Google account.



  • UB-iD uses Auth0, which is recognised as one of the most secure identity providers
  • If you are using a shared device, always sign out of United Baristas services immediately after use to secure your account


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