Using Google or email to login

You can use a current email or a Google account to sign up or log in

The email address is the unique identifier for each account

You can log in to the same United Baristas account using any of:

  • a current email address
  • or the relevant Google account
    – as long as they share a common email address

For example:

  • If you signed up to United Baristas using this example email:,
  • You can also use Google to log into the same United Baristas account if the email address you registered with Google Workspaces is also

Or visa versa. 

This applies to:

  • United Baristas
  • United Baristas Jobs
  • United Baristas Market
  • United Baristas Store

Logging in with UB-iD  

Different email addresses for work and home?

You are welcome to create both personal and work UB-iD accounts.

For example, you may have registered a personal email address when you signed up using Google login with your personal Gmail address and now wish to use a work email address when using United Baristas Market, especially if you are selling in a professional capacity or acting on behalf of a business. 

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