Job Listing enhancements and features

Making an impact and directing applicants to your job listing 

Communicate your company 

It's worthwhile taking a couple of minutes to better communicate your company values, proposition and culture when posting a job listing.


By adding a header banner and logo you can better communicate your brand, and these assets can be used to promote your job vacancy.  

Header Image

Upload an image to show the place of work, your team or product to give prospective applicants an instant insight into your company.

If the image meets the specification, it will also be used for our Instagram feed if you have posted the job with a marketing package.

  • Upload a photo at least 1080 pixels wide at 72 dpi. 
  • The aspect ratio is best at 1:1 or 4:3 – and must be between 1.91:1 and 4:5.
  • Smaller images may be accepted, but risk been displayed as low quality on some devices and cannot be used on social media channels.  
  • Images will be automatically resized and cropped depending on the desktop or mobile device. 

We recommend using photographs. Logos and illustrations can make the job title difficult to read.  


Upload your company logo for display thought United Baristas Jobs and on various social media platforms.

Upload a square image, ideally between 500 x 500 pixels and 1200 x 1200 pixels.
For best results, don't upload images with transparent backgrounds.


The tagline appears across United Baristas Jobs. Explain who you are, what you do, or awards you've won.

Limit 64 characters.


Link to your website.

Link to a page that explains your company's operations or values.


Optionally enter a YouTube or Vimeo URL of a video about your company.

The video will be embedded on the job listing. 

Presenting everyone in the best possible light

None of the above enhancements are required to post a job listing. If the information is not supplied:

  • Header image: the standard header is displayed
  • Logo: a generic icon displays
  • Tagline: nothing is displayed
  • Website: nothing is displayed
  • Video: nothing is displayed

Company Page

When you post a job on United Baristas Jobs, a Company Page is automatically created which displays:

  • Company name
  • Tagline
  • Website
  • Current job listings


Company pages are automatically created when you post a job on United Baristas Jobs.

Best practice 

If you regularly post multiple jobs on United Baristas Jobs, we recommend directing traffic to your company page. This provides several benefits:

  • If a prospective candidate follows a link from a third party site or social media to a closed job listing, they automatically see your other jobs
  • Giving candidates opportunity to see all current job vacancies allows them to apply for the job(s) that they are most suitable for  

Visit your company page by linking your company name or logo on a job listing.

Update your United Baristas Jobs account 'Display Name'

When you sign up to United Baristas Jobs your account username is automatically generated based on your email address.

This username is not displayed on United Baristas Jobs, but is displayed elsewhere on United Baristas and on some third party websites. 

For regular users, especially of promoted jobs, it is best practice to update your username to something that will mean something to prospective applicants, such as your company or trading name. 

You can update your 'Display Name' here

Displaying your jobs on your website

If you have Employer Kit, we can supply a script to embed your jobs on your website:

  • Display your open jobs on a page or sidebar
  • Lightweight support for styling jobs to appear in fonts already in use on your website


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