5. Payment options

How to pay on United Baristas Jobs.

Billing Details

Enter your personal and company details. These are used to calculate the VAT and generate your invoice.

European Companies

EU domiciled companies should enter their VAT number to remove UK VAT.


Opt to pay using:

  • debit or credit card, or
  • crypto (not possible for subscription products)

🔒 Payments are made securely through Stripe's secure servers.

  • United Baristas does not store card details on our servers, if you opt to save your card details for future purchases or purchase a product that has a subscription, your details are stored on Stripe's servers
  • We value your privacy and confidentially

Once payment has been processed, your job listing is published. 

Immediately double-check your published listing!
The job listing beings to propagate into marking systems within minutes of publishing.  

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