2. Adding your Job to United Baristas Jobs

Follow these tips and guidance to get the best from your United Baristas Jobs listing.

For best results advertising your job vacancy, follow the guidance as closely as possible. 

Company Details

Your company page is automatically created on United Baristas Jobs. 

  • Company Name: Use your trading name, for best results don't use special characters such as '&' and '@'.
  • Website: link to your website
  • Tagline: let prospective candidates know what your company is about 
  • Video: optionally add a YouTube or Vimeo link to embed a video about your company 
  • Logo: upload your company's logo. This will be displayed as a cropped square.

Job Listing

Job Title

Enter the job title

  • Use title case, e.g. 'Senior Account Manager' (not 'Senior account manager')
  • Keep the title as short as practically possible, and without adjectives or description
  • Don't use special characters, such as *, @, &, and % 

The job title is automatically used across United Baristas and on third-party sites, breaking these guidelines may result in your job listing not propagating or displaying properly. 



Enter the regular place of work, ideally including the city and postcode. Follow this guidance for better results in location based searches:   
  • Be as specific as possible, for example '4 Whitecross Road, London, WC1A 1AA' is better than 'London'
  • Less distinct addresses such as suburbs, towns, cities or counties are okay, but are best used when the regular place of work extends across that region 
  • Use of colloquial location names or regions, such as 'The North' or 'Scotland', will result in poor location search results
  • Check the 'Remote Working' box if this role is predominately remote (but still enter a base address such as an office or roastery)

The address is converted into latitude and longitude for display on Map Search and location-based searches, which are popular with Job Seekers. 

Job Type

Select all that best describe your position, opt from:

  • Full-time, or
  • Part time


  • Casual
  • Contract 
  • Internship
  • Permanent
  • Seasonal & Temporary
  • Short Term 
  • Training
  • Volunteering

Function / Category

Select the appropriate categories.

For best results, add both parent and child categories. For example, 'Barista' and 'Lead Barista'.


Enter the full position information, including:

  • Scope of role, responsibilities, reports etc
  • Necessary and desirable skills or qualifications
  • Renumeration package
  • Any relevant information on the application process or timelines 

Best practice is to include your company (or trading) name in the first sentence of the description so that it appear is short excerpts on all third party platforms.

Information & options

Email applications to

Enter an email address where you want a copy of candidates' CVs and covering letters sent. 

The email address defaults to your account email. However, you may wish applications to be sent directly to a colleague.

To view or manage candidates, you'll need to log into your United Baristas Jobs account using your UB-iD.


Closing Date

Optionally enter a deadline for applications. 

If not entered, the deadline will become the expiry of the job listing.


Minimum and Maximum Rate 

Optionally, enter the wage band for this role. Job listings with wage and salary bands receive more applications are are recommended.

Include the currency symbol only for the minimum rate, for example '£15, €10 or $20' and '16, 12 or 25'.


Minimum and Maximum Salary 

Optionally, enter the salary band for this role. Job listings with wage and salary bands receive more applications are are recommended.

Include the current symbol only for the minimum salary, for example '£35000' and '40000'. Do not use commas to denote thousands.


Hours per week

Optionally, enter the average expected hours of work each week.   

For example, '36'

Application Portal URL

Use this option if you want candidates to apply through a platform other than United Baristas Jobs. When applicants click the apply button, they will be redirected to this web address.

Use this option if you wish to collate applications through another third-party job vacancy tool.

Header Image 

Personalise and promote the job listing by opting to upload an image that reflect your company or the position.

This image is used on your job listing.

If the image meets the size and ratio specifications and you list the job with a marketing option this is the image automatically used on our social media channels.  

Upload a photo at least 1080 pixels wide at 72 dpi. The aspect ratio is best at 1:1 or 4:3 – and must be between 1.91:1 and 4:5 to benefit from all marketing options.

Images will be automatically resized and cropped on the job listing depending on the desktop or mobile device. 


3. Preview the job listing ➔

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