Saving Card Payment Details on United Baristas Jobs

You can optionally save card payment details to your United Baristas Jobs employer account

At checkout, you can opt to save your card details to your account.

This is useful for regular users, or if the United Baristas Jobs account is used by a variety of people to post job listings (not all of whom might have access to a company card).


Your card details are securely stored on Stripe's servers.

The details are not stored on our servers or websites and United Baristas cannot view, edit, or delete your card details. 

Only the last four digits of card number and the expiry date are displayed in your United Baristas Jobs account, so any colleagues with access to the account are not able to obtain the full card details. 

Adding card details

You can add card details to your United Baristas Jobs account at any time:

  • Login
  • Go to the Employer Account Management
  • Visit 'Payment Methods'
  • Click 'Add Payment Method'

European Companies

Companies with a European VAT number can optionally enter their EU VAT number to remove UK VAT.

  • Login
  • Go to the Employer Account Management
  • Visit 'EU VAT number'

Future payments will automatically be subject to reverse charge VAT.

Deleting cards

You can delete cards at any time:

  • Login
  • Go to the Recruitment Dashboard
  • Visit 'Payment Methods'
  • Click 'Delete' beside the card which you wish to remove from your account
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