Adding your Coffee Event

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Adding coffee events

  1. Go to Add Coffee Event
  2. Select a listing plan
  3. Adding the event's details
  4. Add media

Great coffee events come in all shapes and sizes. Coffee events allow baristas and coffee businesses to list their online and physical event whether they are ticketing, paid or free.  

Selecting a listing plan 

There are three plans available. The best option will depend on the type and needs of your event.

  • Free – for free coffee events
  • Coffee Event Listing, with Media Pack – for ticketed coffee events 
  • Featured Coffee Event listing – promoted across Coffee Events and United Baristas

Information on plans and fees

Coffee Events is not a ticketing or bookings platform 
You can direct people to your website or a third-party platform, such as Eventbrite.
Information on ticketing options ➜ 

Adding the Event's Details

Add your event's details using this guidance for greatest impact. Some options are limited to select plans or formats or events.  

Event Name Displayed throughout Coffee Events Use a recognisable name, such as the event's name or your brand. For example, 'United Baristas Recruit Roundtable'. Fewer than 30 characters is best.    
Expiration Date Select the day after your event concludes
Status Communicate whether the event is scheduled, rescheduled, postponed etc. Use with care as this also feeds into internet search information 
Event Description Displayed on the event page Explain why people should attend your event, the schedule and how to register / buy tickets
Event Highlights
Adds icons to your events and allows people to refine by these criteria Select all relevant options.
Event Type Categorise your event Select all relevant options.
Event Format Select whether your event is physical or online. Select with care as this enables other relevant options
Paid Event? If your event is free, untick to hide ticketing options Paid event functions are only available on select listing plans
Event Time and Date   Add the time and date: the more specific, the better.
Venue Name Add the venue's name, for example 'United Baristas HQ'
Location Enter the address of the event Click 'Map It' to confirm the venue is correctly geolocated so your event is found it relevant location and proximity searches
Messaging Displayed in the event's headline summary. Select all relevant options. The options available depend on your event format, whether it is ticketed and your listing plan 
Organiser Add who is organising this event   
Tickets & Registration Add a ticket price, if applicable You can add general information, for example: 'tickets from £12' or '£49 bookings essential'. Fewer than 20 characters is best.

Add the url where people can purchase tickets For example, ''
Add the url where people register for free For example, ''
Event Feature Text Add headline information about the event  Fewer than 20 words is best.
Event Description Add full information about the event Basic html formatting such as b, ul li accepted, but pasting unformatted text is generally best.

Good work

Submit the coffee event and proceed to payment (if applicable) and adding media

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