Adding your Coffee Event

Free Listings!

You can list a coffee event for free, thanks to the support of Midnight Oil from Climpson & Sons. Why not serve Midnight Oil at your coffee event? Here's how.

Listing a coffee event

  • Go to Submit an Event (you'll need to login with or create a UB-iD)
  • Add your event's details 
  • Agree to terms and click Submit 
Title Displayed throughout the Coffee Events Calendar  Use your brand name or the events' name. For example, 'United Baristas' How to Recruit Coffee People Roundtable' 
Status Communicate whether the event is scheduled, rescheduled, postponed etc. Use with care as this also feeds into internet search information 
Event Description Displayed on the event page Explain why people should attend your event, the schedule and how to register / buy tickets
Event Time and Date   Add the time and date: the more specific, the better. Timezones supported and their use is recommended
Event Image Displayed throughout the Coffee Events Calendar   
Event Categories Select from the available categories.  You can add an event to multiple categories.
Venue Details Select, or add, a venue. See adding a venue below.
Organiser Details Select, or add, an organiser. See adding an organiser below.
Event Website Add a web address where people can find out more or buy tickets  
Event Cost Add a ticket cost in any of £, € or $. Leave blank to hide on the event page and enter '0' (nought) for events that are free.

Adding a Venue or Organiser 

If the venue or organiser already exists, select it. Otherwise you can add one:

  • Click, 'Create or Find <Venue or Organiser>
  • Type the Venue or Organiser name
  • Click, 'Create: <the name you just typed>
  • Add the address and contact details 

Each Venue and Organiser has an event page. If you opt to update the venue or organiser, you'll update these pages for  all relevant events.

Good work

Once submitted your coffee event is live on the Coffee Events Calendar!

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