Repairing, Reusing & Recycling Coffee Equipment

Firstly, plan to minimise wear with regular care and maintain programme.

Basic care and maintenance should be carried out in-house, as well as the replacement of some parts.

Regular servicing and the replacement of electrical or boiler components can be performed by an engineer.

Repair & maintenance

Many coffee equipment items can be returned to full working condition with replacement parts and servicing. You can use Equipment Catalogue to understnad whether parts are still available for common, discontinued products

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Aim to maximise the working life of all coffee-making equipment. If you should no longer have need for this item, sell it to another barista or coffee company on United Baristas Marketplace.

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At end of life many of the components can be recycled. Dispose of this product responsibly and do not discard in general waste. Specific information is available in the product’s manual. You can view manuals for many legacy products on Equipment Catalogue.

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