Financing Coffee Equipment

United Baristas offers finance options to help you upgrade your coffee equipment

United Baristas Finance

United Baristas Finance offers finance to UK registered companies for coffee equipment purchases through United Baristas Equipment Store. You also benefit from owning the equipment outright from purchase.

There are currently two options:

  • 60 day interest-free payment terms
  • Spread payments over 3, 6 or 12 months

Applying for Finance

We can any answer questions you may have about buying on Equipment Store, however United Baristas cannot support you with your company's finance application. Specific guidance and support is provided as part of the application process

60 day interest free

All coffee equipment items on United Baristas Equipment Store are eligible for 60 day payment terms. This provides time to swap out equipment you wish to upgrade as well as opportunity to sell the replaced item on Marketplace to help fund the upgrade.

Monthly payments

You can also opt to spread the cost of your coffee-equipment investment and the gain opportunity the pay it off with future revenue. Most items on United Baristas Equipment Store are eligible. We are able to offer great rates. Options and costs are clearly communicated at checkout to make the process straightforward, easy and transparent.


Add the items items you want to purchase to cart from across Equipment Store. At checkout, enter your company’s details and then chose from the available finance & payment options.

When buying through United Baristas Equipment Store there’s no application form or need to contact us in advance to pre-arrange finance – everything is managed online as part of the purchase process.

Bespoke equipment  

We are able to offer finance a range of coffee equipment items and options not listed on Equipment Store, these are bespoke items. Examples include custom colours, parts upgrades or product variations.

To order bespoke equipment please contact Support with your request.

We will either guide you to order core product through Equipment Store and then manually update the options and costs before your finance is finalised, or create a manual order.

Because of the extra manual work involved, there is currently a £5,000 + VAT minimum order requirement.

Is my company likely to be eligible? 


United Baristas Equipment Store is new so we are yet to identify an eligibility rate. We’ll update this information when we have good data.

However, the overall acceptance rate on the finance platform we use is ~ 90%.

It’s worthwhile checking your company’s eligibility as we can offer great rates.

To confirm your eligibility, select the products you want to buy, add your company’s details and checking the options available at checkout.

You can see immediately whether finance has been approved.

Can I get finance for other things? 

No, we understand coffee equipment and coffee businesses so you can’t finance other items. Nor do we provide general business finance.

How do I set up finance?

Add the items to cart and complete checkout.

As part of the purchase process you’ll electronically confirm your company’s identity and bank details.

You’ll also set up the re-payment schedule at this time.

Once financing has been set up, your order will be processed and we can dispatch your coffee equipment.

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