Adding Media to Coffee Events

    You can add media to your event either during the listing process or after the event has been published.

    At time of listing 

    When adding an event, the process is:

    The types and quantity of media you can add to your event listing depends on the listing plan.

    After listing 

    Once published, you can add, edit and delete media from your event listing. When logged in, there are two buttons on your event:

    • The cog ⚙️ contains all the setting for your event, including editing the event and adding or editing media 
    • The Add Media button is a shortcut to the adding media page 

    Adding and editing media 

    Depending on the listing plan, you can add:
    • images (jeg, gif, png and WebP)
    • video (upload mp4, upload from phone, or embed YouTube or Vimeo)
    • PDFs 


    There are three different image positions:

    •  header
    • logo
    • gallery

    This event has images added to the header and logo positions, the example shows:

    • Coffee Event card, displayed across United Baristas
    • Coffee Event listing page, with header and logo

    Coffee Event CardCoffee Event header and logo

    • Select the featured image by clicking the Star  – the image will be displayed on your Event Card (you can only feature one image)
    • Select the event header
    • (your featured image, that's not the header image, appears in the top section – this is usually your logo)
    • Other images are shown in a gallery under the first block
    • You can order the gallery images by drop-and-dragging the images with the grip handles on the right  


    To embed a video:

    •  click 'Add Media'
    • then select, Link Video 
    • add the YouTube or Vimeo URL and submit

    Editing and deleting media

    You can add, edit and delete media at any time. Once logged in, click the ⚙️ and select Edit Media.

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