Reporting a suspicious user or listing on Marketplace

If you encounter suspicious seller activity, please let us know

United Barista Market has had very few issues because of our infrastructure protections and community vigilance.

There is a range of potential marketplace fraudulent activities, most centre on phishing or inauthentic products. 


The objective of a phishing scam is to obtain personal information, such as login or bank details. Once these details are obtained, it's easier for the perpetrator     to commit fraud using your information, often unrelated to your marketplace purchase. The information is typically acquired through a fake form that imitates a third-party, such as a bank, payment platform or service provider. 

You can buy securely on Marketplace by:

  • limiting your address details to a suburb, region, city or postcode level (not your full address)
  • Using PayPal or Trustshare (better for most transactions over £/€/$ 250)
  • Buying and selling securely

Do not unnecessarily divulge personal or business information. And check the authenticity of third-party websites before using them (for example the PayPal site or form is authentic).

Secure payments

Sell securely either by meeting to exchange or using PayPal or Trustshare. Do not pay strangers insecurely. Good sellers will be happy to exchange in a mutually suitable manner.

United Baristas recommends Trustshare because it is cost effective and secure, for both buyers and sellers. 

Learn more about Trustshare ➜

Reporting suspicious activity

You can report suspicious activity to Support so we can investigate and if necessary log, report delete or block content or users.

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