Receiving funds from the Trustshare escrow service

Trustshare is ideal when selling for higher-value items on United Baristas Market

To enable buyers and sellers who do not know each other to buy and sell securely, we have introduce Trustshare escrow. This financially regulated service holds the funds in escrow and pays out when the buyer marks the transaction as complete. As well as being even more secure and easier to use than its predecessor (the payment escrow service), Trustshare is typically cheaper and splits the cost of the escrow service equally between buyers and sellers. Trustshare is recommended by United Baristas as the most safe and secure payment option for most transactions.

Checking today, for most transactions on United Baristas Market, the total Trustshare escrow transaction fee is less than PayPal's fees on transaction with a value over ~£/€/$ 250. 

Trustshare Buyer and Seller protections 

When you pay for an item using Trustshare, the funds are placed in an escrow account. Once the seller has received and checked the item, they authorise the release of the funds to you. 

Communications from Trustshare

When a Trustshare account associated with your email has a new transaction created, Trustshare will email you a notification to guide you thought the transaction process. 

When the funds have been cleared into Trustshare's escrow account, a payment conformation email is sent to you. You can now arrange to hand over or ship the item to the buyer. 

Trustshare Verification

The first time you receive funds, Trustshare is legally obliged to confirm your identity and bank account. It typically takes 2-3 minutes and we found easiest to complete on a mobile phone:

  • provide a selfie 
  • scan your driver's licence or passport 
  • add a bank account 

We were verified straightaway, but if additional documentation is required (maybe your photo is poor quality or incorrect), Trustshare will contact you to assist with the process. 

Disputed transactions

Should the buyer dispute the transaction, please use the disputes and their resolution guidance to understand your options and to find agreement. Trustshare also offers a dispute resolution service.

Payout of funds

Once the seller has received and checked the item, they can approve the payout from their Trustshare account. Payouts are made for the total transaction value less the escrow fee. The fee varies by value and a summary is available here. Payouts over £/€/$ 1000 cannot be disputed/re-charged once paid out. 

Receiving funds

Trustshare operates in most countries and can pay out to a bank account in your, or the business's, name. Funds are typically paid out in currency in which they are received, but FX is possible. Options are in your Trustshare account.

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