Paying for items on Marketplace with Trustshare

Trustshare is ideal when paying for higher-value items on United Baristas Market, especially when the item can't best checked before payment

To enable buyers and sellers who do not know each other to buy and sell securely, we have introduce Trustshare escrow. This financially regulated service holds the funds in escrow and pays out when the buyer marks the transaction as complete. As well as being even more secure and easier to use than its predecessor (the payment escrow service), Trustshare is typically cheaper and splits the cost of the escrow service equally between buyers and sellers. Trustshare is recommended by United Baristas as the most safe and secure payment option for most transactions.

Trustshare Buyer and Seller protections

When you pay for an item using Trustshare, the funds are placed in an escrow account. Once you have received and checked the item, you can release the payout of funds to the seller.

Making payment with Trustshare

You can purchase an item wherever you see the Trustshare button. If the seller hasn't yet enabled Trustshare, you can ask them to add it to their listing.

It is recommended that you contact the seller in advance of purchasing an item to ensure that it is still available and to agree exchange and any shipping costs. 

  • Clicked the Trustshare button
  • Make payment via bank transfer (or open banking if you click the the button on your phone) (you can also pay using a credit or debit card on values less than £/€/$ 1000)
  • Trustshare will email the seller once the funds have been received 
  • Contact the seller to arrange exchange 

Trustshare is available in most countries and supports the currencies available on United Baristas Market

If a seller has multiple payment options, such as Trustshare and PayPal, the buyer has an option of payment method. We provide some general recommendations for various payment options, and always recommend that you buy and sell securely. The Trustshare escrow service is strongly recommended for higher value transactions.

There is a fee for both the buyer and seller to use the escrow service to cover the bank and service fees. The buyer's fee is paid at the time of payment and is shown as part of the payment process. 

Adding/editing funds

Should you need to add funds, for example to pay shipping costs just sign into Trustshare using the email associated with the payment and make the additional payment or edit the amount.

Releasing funds from Trustshare

Sign into Trustshare using the email associated with the payment, and click release payment.

Disputing transactions

If necessary you can dispute a transaction on your Trustshare account. Please follow this guidance on managing disputes and their resolution

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