Agreeing to buy an item on Marketplace

Buying safely on United Baristas Marketplace

The precise process will depend on the item and your relationship with the seller. You can use these ideas to guide you through the process.

Agreeing a buying price

The asking price is the price entered by the seller when listing the item. It is an offer and may come with various conditions, such as whether the item is able to be collected or shipped.

Items can be listed on United Baristas Market to indicate whether the seller is opening to negotiating on the asking price. You can contact the seller directly to finalise a buying price. 

When United Baristas first started a marketplace, we often received requests to value used coffee equipment. Our position was  – and is still is  –  not to provide specific valuations; however, in this guide we explain how to value used coffee equipment.

Agreeing exchange 

As part of your offer you will need to agree the mode of exchange. It might be possible to meet face-to-face or the item might need to be shipped. There may be shipping or delivery costs, these are typically communicated in the listing and need to be finalised before payment. 

Agreeing payment 

We make a variety of payment options possible to cover the breadth of buyer and seller requirements. For example, sometimes the buyer and seller can meet to exchange; other times, items are shipped. Make sure you always buy and sell securely on United Baristas Market.

Good buyers and sellers will be happy to agree buyer and seller protections.

Information on buying & selling safely


Once you have agreed an offer, you can proceed to exchange.

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