Tips for Marketing and Promoting Coffee Jobs

Choose the strategy that's right for your business

Integrated Marketing options

United Baristas Jobs offers integrated job marketing options for Featured and Promoted job listings. 

These jobs are promoted across United Baristas as well as on third-party websites.

Opt for marketing options when you need to reach a larger audience of job seekers. In general, use:

  • Featured Jobs when you want to reach the fullest United Baristas audience 
  • Promoted Jobs when you want to reach job seekers more broadly

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When you add Employer Kit to your United Baristas Jobs account, all your job listings are featured by default

Your marketing strategy 

Wherever you post job listings, they require marketing. There are several ways that you can use United Baristas as part of your job marketing strategy. 

A part of your broader strategy 

If you post jobs in a variety of places, you probably want to use United Baristas Jobs to reach the United Baristas community, so post with a basic or featured job listing.

A central part of your strategy 

If you post jobs mainly on United Baristas, use featured and promoted job listings to reach the United Baristas community as well as job seekers on other websites.  

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